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Wednesday, November 8, 2017


The festivities are now over, but the decorations are still up and costume parts are probably still scattered around. I know for sure that the treat bags are still filled to the brim with candy and toys. We were lucky enough to enjoy Trick-or-Treating with 3 of our grandchildren this year. Ron and his oldest son, Terry, came home from their annual hunting trip to join us before heading back out into the woods.

After preschool, Callie and the boys met Jaylynn, Archer and me at the duck pond to burn off a little excess energy. We let them wear their costumes, hoping to get a few pictures of them as well. (We have to be kind of sneaky about photos these days since they generally do not want to pose for us.)

We played for a while. . . a dinosaur, pumpkin and baby cat.

Then, headed down to the water to feed the ducks my leftover hot dog buns.
BabyD2 was totally enchanted by the ducks and geese and chased them all over the place, hoping to hold one. Callie narrowly saved him from the water at least three times.
At some point, he also realized that we had snuck a tail onto his costume and he wasn't exactly thrilled about that.
Toddler D, however was ALL ABOUT HALLOWEEN this year.

We trick-or-treated at the Norton Art Gallery (before the crowds got too bad, I might add)

Then the parents took the kids to houses on our block, while Ron and I joined the neighbors around the annual Halloween Fire Pit, where we pass out massive amounts of sugar to kids that stop by.
It was such fun to get to experience Halloween through the eyes of these three little goblins!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Another Pumpkin Patch

While I was in South Carolina, Silas and I had several "adventures". One such adventure was a visit to a pumpkin patch. Saturday morning, we loaded up the car and drove to Inman to the Johnson Farm.
After perusing the various offerings, we purchased a ticket for the hayride and then explored the pumpkin fields while we waited for the whistle to begin.
Silas was especially enthralled with the tractor that would be pulling the hayride (no hay, but a trailer with comfortable seating). They driver, Farmer Andrew, helped him climb into the cab. Although he was quite excited about that prospect at first, he approached it much more tentatively after he was  asked if he'd be driving the tractor.
We climbed aboard the trailer and enjoyed a ride through the woods and other fields where storybook characters were set up in simple displays.
Silas commented more than once, "This is fun, Lovey!"
There was a playground set up that he enjoyed after our ride, as well.
When it was time to pick our pumpkin to take home, we loaded up one of the wheelbarrows and headed to an area where I was sure we would also be able to watch the tractor come by.

All the big pumpkins in the field, and this is the one that he picked.

Last, but not least, we visited their barn to see the chickens, goats and donkey.
We spread out our picnic blanket in a grassy area near the parking lot and enjoyed our lunch while watching the tractor. Lunch probably took twice as long as normal because of that tractor, but there was a happy boy eating, so it was worth it! I bought some of their homemade mini donuts for our dessert. YUM!! They were really good---and warm!
The ride back home was easy and I kept Silas busy so that he wouldn't fall asleep in the car. (Having him take his nap uninterrupted at home is just as good for him as it is for Lovey!)Our time together was so fun--I love him so much and wish I could see him every week!! I can't wait until our next "Lovey and Silas Adventure"!

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